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Development of the Delphi tool for Blackboard

Delphi is a tool that allows educators to do evaluations and open-ended surveys, after which students can indicate their level of agreement.

About the project

Many educators want to work actively with evaluation during teaching – preferably several times during a course.

Blackboard already has a questionnaire tool, but several educators finds limitations in this feature. They want the students themselves to create evaluation statements that fellow students then can agree or disagree with – the so-called Delphi method. In this way, they get both a qualitative and quantitative picture of students' experience of, for example, the teaching.

The Delphi method can also be used to get an overview of what the students are having the most difficulties with in relation to the subjects and how many are facing the same challenges. It gives the educator an idea of ​​what to spend extra time on.

This project involved the development of a building block for Blackboard. With this building block, it is now possible to conduct evaluations and tests using the Delphi method directly in Blackboard.


The project ran from autumn 2016 and was ready for use in spring 2017.


The Delphi tool for Blackboard was developed by ST Learning Lab.

User-driven development is essential for us and this project was initiated on the basis of requests by educators at Science and Technology.

We have had a focus group of five educators to use as a sounding board when considering functionalities and application in practice.


A thank you to our sounding board:

Stefan Hallerstede, Associate professor, Department of Engineering - Applied Formal Methods
Peter Gorm Larsen, Professor, Department of Engineering - Cyber-Physical Systems
Claus Melvad, Professor (Docent), Aarhus University School of Engineering - Fluid Mechanic
Magdalena Pyrz, Head of teaching laboratories, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Samuel Alberg Thrysøe, Associate professor, Aarhus University School of Engineering - Signal

Would you like to hear more about the thoughts behind and the development of the Delphi tool? Contact: