Bb@ST - Teaching and Learning Experiences 2017

Come and meet your teaching colleagues from Science and Technology when they share their use of Blackboard for teaching and learning activities.

2017.06.26 | Anna Hollyoak Helleberg

Date Thu 17 Aug
Time 09:15 11:45
Location Auditorium G1 (1532-116)

Get inspired on how to use simple as well as advanced tools, assessment methods, and student activities.

Date and time: 17 August 2017 from 09:15-11:45.
A light breakfast will be served from 08:45.

Place: Auditorium G1 (1532-116) 

Sign-up: Bb@ST i Aarhus.  


Jens Bennedsen, ST Learning Lab 
9:30Support student progression through course material with Adaptive Release
Jacob Overgaard, Department of Chemistry  
9:45Give feedback in an easy and consistent way with Rubrics
Henrik Olsen, School of Engineering
10:00Let students answer each other’s questions with Q&A Discussion Forums
Kurt Jensen, Department of Computer Science
10:45Use Adobe Connect seamlessly together with Blackboard
Henning Slavensky, School of Engineering
11:00Ease handling of laboratory assignments and large number of students with Group Assignments
Magdalena Pyrz, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
11:15Blackboard roadmap and news
Bjarke Rahbek, ST Learning Lab

If you are unable to participate in Aarhus, you can follow the event online: Bb@ST online.

Open Workshop: After the inspiration sessions we have an Open Workshop from 12:30-14:30 in G4 (1532-222). Here you can get support and help for Blackboard. No registration for the Open Workshop is needed.

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