Media Lab

What we offer

Media Lab offers specialised services in relation to Educational IT and development of digital teaching material - including e.g.:

  • Webcast production in our own studios
  • Lending out clickers
  • Help using Mentimeter / AU Vote
  • Lending out video and audio equipment
  • Lending out smartpens for producing pencasts (no longer supported)
  • Lecture capturing (video recording of lectures)
  • Recording instructional videos
  • Developing learning paths and learning modules
  • Transformation of teaching using STREAM
  • Developing other types of video, audio and interactive material for teaching purposes
  • Advanced science communication

At Media Lab we don't just lend you the equipment - we also guide you on how to use it well so that you are off to a good start.

Inspiration for teaching

  • A day in Victor's life - watch the video below
    A near-future vision of life as a science student at Aarhus University.

Produced by the Media Lab, 2015.