Lecture Capturing

Video recordings of lectures

Media Lab offers help with video recording of lectures and courses – so-called Lecture Capturing. Please be aware that it is the IT department that is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. 

Studies show that Lecture Capturing is a useful supplement to already existing forms of lecturing. Among other things, it provides students the opportunity to revise difficult material and prepare for exams. The video recordings can be particularly useful for students who live far from campus.

A study among postgraduate students at a Mathematic Analysis course showed that 90% of the students found the recordings very useful or indispensable. On average every lecture was watched 2 to 3 times per student, and one third of these were in preparation for exams.

Here is an example of a clip with Lecture Capturing: 

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More on lecture capturing

Lecture Capturing is a broad term for the recording of lectures. At Science and Technology the equipment can record lectures and unify the video signal, the sound, and the projector signal from the auditorium into one single film that students can watch online on vimeo.com, on their smart phones, or as a podcast. The recordings can be protected with a password and can be protected against illegal download.

In addition to the obvious advantages of watching previous lectures as desired, and the positive evaluations, a lot of potential within the field of teaching is linked with the technology. EDUCAUSE describes it this way:

Lecture capture enhances and extends existing instructional activities, whether in face-to-face, fully online, or blended learning environments. It works especially well in subject areas where students benefit from repeated viewing of content, as when complex information is discussed or formulas are written on a board. The video-on-demand portion of lecture capture allows students to closely examine the steps of a demonstrated procedure or stop and focus on important actions in a science experiment. Lecture capture may enable freer thinking – students who find themselves struck by a particular comment or point can pursue that line of thought, confident that the lecture itself can be reviewed later.

(7 Things You Should Know About Lecture Capture, EDUCAUSE, 2008)