In the webcast studios you can record yourself and the board at the same time. For example, you can display PowerPoints or draw formulas. 

At Media Lab you can use our webcast studios to  produce video-based educational material.

The studio is designed to make it both simple and efficient to produce videos for use in teaching based on e.g. PowerPoint, screencasts, black board based teaching and software demonstrations.

A simple and easy solution

The videos are produced using only a few clicks and they are saved directly on the Science and Technology streaming server for the students to watch. The set-up of the studio is very simple and easy to use. 

You can incorporate videos in your teaching to explain issues that the students find it hard to understand,  or even do recordings of entire lectures so that the students can go over or revise the curriculum whenever and wherever they need to.

The process of developing a video is pedagogically based on the principles of active learning and the STREAM model. This means that e.g. the students will answer questions related to the videos so that the lecturer can give them individual feedback or that the lecturer uses the videos to make time for discussion, repetition, or immersion during lectures.

While you do your presentation, you can follow what is being recorded on another screen.

Instructions and guidance

Whether you are an experienced or new user of our studios our lab agents are always ready to help.


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