Science teaching

Preparing you for teaching

Are you going to teach for the first time? Have you experienced challenges during your teaching? Would you like to discuss and develop your teaching practice?

ST Learning Lab and the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Aarhus University, offer a course on teaching for PhD students called Science Teaching.

Short introduction

In this course, participants will develop their teaching skills to be able to plan and carry out effective science teaching, which supports students´ learning via active preparation and participation.

During the course, participants will develop and implement a teaching activity in their own teaching and use methods to provide feedback, evaluate students´ learning and reflect on potential improvements.

The course addresses both traditional and online teaching and the participants will have the opportunity to specialise in the type of teaching which is most relevant.


The course addresses science teaching at university level and covers all types of teaching relevant for TAs at Science and Technology, e.g. small class teaching (TØ), laboratory teaching (LØ), field trips, online teaching, and outreach activities.

The course will focus on the following themes:
1) Learning theory, 2) planning teaching activities according to learning goals, 3) assessment and feedback for learning, 4) classroom management for active preparation for and participation in teaching, 5) presentation skills, 6) methods for development of own teaching including peer observation and feedback

Learning outcomes

After this course the participant will be able to:

  • Plan and implement teaching activities to support student learning according to the learning outcomes
  • Apply tools for classroom management to motivate students' active preparation and participation
  • Use effective feedback to assess and support student learning
  • Identify and evaluate solutions to challenges in own teaching
  • Use peer observation and feedback to develop own teaching practice
  • Develop presentations targeting a specific audience

Course format

The main idea is that participants will develop and implement teaching activities in their own teaching in the duration of the course. This process will be inspired by the course content and stimulated by feedback from teachers and peers. During course days participants will have the opportunity to try out several teaching tools and techniques before they use it in their own teaching. Therefore it is essential that course participants meet during several course days distributed over an entire semester.

The course consists of four course days with exemplary face-to-face teaching demonstrating several teaching methods. In addition participants are required to participate in group work and online teaching.

Evaluation: The participants learning will be evaluated by participation during class, assessment of online contributions and the quality of the final report

Course facts

  • ECTS credits: 5 ECTS
  • Language: English
  • Target group: PhD  students, Science and Technology
  • Time: Q1, Q3
  • Capacity: 75 participants
  • Place: AU Campus, Aarhus

Target group

PhD students instructing in theoretical exercises or similar, PhD students teaching laboratory courses and PhD students teaching in outreach activities for high school pupils.


ST Learning Lab, Science and Technology, Aarhus University.