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Blackboard and other technology

Workshops and webinars

Integrating technology in your teaching is a way to increase student participation. This applies both to the actual teaching situation and for student preparation at home and on the move.  

ST Learning Lab offer a number of workshops and webinars within Blackboard and other technologies. Our courses are on demand and tailored to your needs.

Courses in Blackboard

Get started with Blackboard (workshop)


You will be introduced to Blackboard through short lectures and hands-on exercises. The workshop gives you an overview of the system and its principles. You will be introduced to the functionalities needed to teach and get insight into the use of Blackboard at Science and Technology.

Learning outcome

  • You will have an overview of Blackboard and its principles.
  • You will know the basic functionality used by teachers.
  • You will know how to develop you Blackboard competences.

Practical information

Integrating videos (webinar)


Learn how to include videos from e.g. YouTube, Vimeo as well as videos you have produced yourself (the actual production of videos is not covered in this webinar). You will learn how to include videos in a course page in Blackboard, and you will get inspiration on how to use the videos for enhancing student learning.

Learning outcome

  • You will be able to include videos in your course.
  • You can use videos in your teaching.

Practical information

Learning modules (webinar)


A learning module is an online way to structure your teaching and/or the students' preparation in a predetermined, sequential structure. The workshop focuses on:

  • How to create a learning module in Blackboard.
  • The elements that can be part of a learning module.
  • How to use learning modules i a traditional course as well as an online course.
  • How a learning module looks from a student perspective.
  • How to use learning modules for feedback.

Learning outcome

  • You can create and design a learning module.
  • You know when to use a learning module.
  • You can use learning modules in traditional teaching as well as online teaching.
  • You can use learning modules to get feedback.

Practical information

  • The webinar is held by: Mikkel Godsk, ST Learning Lab.
  • There is a min. of 6 participants.
  • The workshop is held in English, unless all participants speak and understand Danish.

Feedback for students (workshop)


You will learn about tools, which enables you as teacher/teaching assistant to give individual feedback on written assignments as well as organise assignments where students give peer-feedback via Blackboard.

You will get hands-on experience with the tools in Blackboard, and you will be working with your own teaching during the workshop.  

Learning outcome

  • You can create assignments that can be handed in digitally in Blackboard.
  • You can grade in Blackboard – general as well as text specific comments.
  • Organise peer-feedback assignments.
  • Ensure the focus and quality in feedback by using rubrics.


Other technologies

Easily create and integrate videos in your teaching (workshop)


If done the right way, videos are an effective and useful medium for the development and transformation of teaching, making it more flexible, engaging, and activating. It supports students' individual needs and demands.

At Nat-Tech there are various ways to easily produce and distribute video based material in your teaching. We have three do-it-yourself webcast studios, you can borrow tablets to produce tabletcasts, we have screencast software, etc.

At this workshop, you will be presented with different video formats, discuss the teaching considerations, and test different formats for video based materials as well as produce your own teaching materials.

Practical information

  • 6-8 participants.
  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Needs to be booked at least a month prior.
  • Location: Navitas, Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, build. 3210.
  • The workshop is by: Mikkel Godsk + lab agents, ST Learning Lab.
  • The workshop is held in English, unless all participants speak and understand Danish. 

Webcasting in ST's own studios (introduction)


At ST, three do-it-yourself webcast studios are provided and supported for the production of video-based educational materials.

The studios make it simple and efficient to produce videos for your education based on, for example, PowerPoint, screencasts, tablet teaching, and software demonstrations.

At the workshop you will also get started with videos for your own teaching.

Practical information

  • Duration: ½ hour. 
  • Location: Navitas, Katrinebjerg, or Campus.
  • Held by: a lab agent from Media Lab, ST Learning Lab.


  • We encourage you to bring your colleagues when ordering a course.
  • All our courses are in English unless all participants speak and understand Danish.
  • We recommended that you order courses early so we can tailor it to your needs.
  • Most of our courses take place at Navitas, but we are also happy to meet you and your colleagues at your place of work.