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Collegial supervision

Collegial supervision is an exciting opportunity to discuss teaching with colleagues, and perhaps end up becoming an even better educator.

What is collegial supervision?

Collegial supervision is when a group of three educators attend one another's lessons and have structured discussions afterwards. The observations are based on the desired focus of each educator. The subsequent discussions aim to explore the desired focus in a way that is acknowledging.

What can I make of it?

Participating in collegial supervision will allow you to reflect on your practice with colleagues, and thereby gain greater insight into your teaching. You will be able to use your colleagues as "an extra set of eyes" that can focus on specific areas while you teach, and through the observation of others, you can get inspiration for your teaching.

Collegial supervision is a learning process with you and your teaching in focus, and you will find that you will gain a more secure set of teaching skills from which you can teach.

Collegial supervision will improve teaching and bring you more joy when teaching.

Useful information

The course

The first day is a workshop where you will get a thorough introduction to the tools for structured discussions. These are to ensure that the observations and subsequent discussions are held at each educator's premise.

Following this are two rounds where you will observe and reflect on one another's teaching (six observations/conversations).

Finally, we will have a brief evaluation meeting focusing on experiences and supervision.


You need to set aside about 15 hours of participation for the course. 

The proces is facilitated by: