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Issues with Zoom – keep your application updated

We recommended you regularly check for updates for your Zoom application. Many problems and error messages in Zoom can be resolved with an update and restart of your device. Here, we will guide you through how to update your Zoom application.

  1. Open your Zoom application on your PC or Mac.
    If you do not already have the Zoom application, you can download it here

  2. Select the white Sign In button. 
    Zoom login-vindue, 2. knap = Sign In

  3. Then select Sign In with SSO (Single sign-on).
    Zoom-login, 1 knap højre kolonne: Sign in with SSO

  4. Write aarhusuniversity (one word) in textbox and press Continue.

  5. Login with WAYF with your AUID and password.

  6. Your browser will try to open zoom. Here you need to press the white button Open Zoom Meetings. 

  7. You will now view the main menu of your Zoom application.
    At the top-right corner by your profile, you will find a drop-down menu.

  8. Select the menu item Check for updates. 

  9. The application will search for updates. 
    If you are in a Zoom meeting and there is an update ready, the update will not be complete until you have left or finished your current Zoom meeting.

  10. To make sure the update is in effect, we recommend you restart your device. 


The newsletter was edited by Nina Adolfsen. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact nva@stll.au.dk.


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