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Record slideshows with speak for Blackboard

Did you know that you can easily record a PowerPoint presentation with speak without having to install extra programs? We will show you how to do recordings on both PC and Mac and how to upload your videos to the Kaltura video platform on Blackboard.

In this entry: Record PowerPoint on PC, Record PowerPoint on Mac, Upload the video to Blackboard, and Improve the audio quality.

Record PowerPoint on PC

You can record your presentations directly in the PC version of PowerPoint.

  1. Open your PowerPoint slideshow, select the tab 'Slide Show', click 'Record Slide Show', and then click 'Start Recording from Beginning...'.
    Screencap: Start recording
  2. Click on 'Start Recording'.

When the recording has started, you can navigate in your presentation while you record.

  1. Use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate, or use the arrows in the bottom left-hand corner which are only visible when you move the mouse around in that area.

    If you need to point in your presentation, use the Laser Pointer – third button from the left. Your cursor will not be visible on your recordings, so instead make sure to use the laser pointer. 

    Alternatively, you can right-click on your presentation and select 'Pointer Options'. The menus will not appear in the recording.
    NB: Audio inputs are stored separately on each slide. Therefore, be careful not to talk while changing slides as your audio file will be split. Furthermore, if you jump back in your slides, you risk breaking the timing of your video. Instead insert repeating slides if you need to refer back.

Once you have finished your presentation, you need to save it.

  1. Select 'File' and 'Save as'. Select a folder and name the file, and select file type: MP4.
    Now your presentation will be exported to a video format that can be uploaded to Blackboard. Depending on the hardware of your computer, it may take some time to generate a video file.

    TIP: If you have Windows 10, there is a simple video editor if, for example, you want to trim a bit in your recording: right-click your mp4 file, move your mouse over Open with, click Photos and select Edit and Create in the upper right corner.

Record PowerPoint on Mac

If you have a Mac, you cannot record directly in PowerPoint. Instead, you will have to use screen capture software to record your presentations. QuickTime Player is already installed on your Mac and can be used to create screen captures.

  1. Get ready to present by opening PowerPoint and get your slide show ready.
  2. Open QuickTime Player and select 'File' and then 'New screen recording'.
  3. Make sure to select the correct microphone by clicking the arrow to the right of the record button.
  4. Click on the red record button and click on the screen to record.

Now you are recording, and you can navigate the presentation while you are speaking.

  1. Click the stop button in the top right-hand corner of the screen to stop recording when you are done.
  1. You can edit your recording by selecting 'Edit' and then 'Split clips'. Indicate in the timeline what you want to remove.
  1. To save the recording, select 'File' and 'Export', and select a video format. Depending on the hardware of your device, it may take some time to generate a video file.

Upload the video to Blackboard

Upload your video to Blackboard by using the Kaltura video platform.

  1. Go to the page in your course where you want to place your video presentation. Select 'Build content' and then 'Kaltura Media'.
  2. Select 'Add new' and then 'Media Upload', and find your presentation.
  3. Name it, click 'Save', and 'Back to the browse and embed'.
  4. Click on 'Select' next to the video you have uploaded, and find a fitting title and create a description, which will be presented with the video on the Blackboard page.

Now the video is embedded on your Blackboard page and ready to be shown to the students.

Improve the audio quality

It can easily be distracting to listen to a video with background noise. To improve the audio quality, use an external microphone. At Media Lab, you can borrow microphones or get advice on what microphones to purchase, if you want to own your equipment.


The newsletter was edited by Nina Adolfsen. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact nva@stll.au.dk.


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