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Teaching with an alternative to the whiteboard: paper + pen

With Zoom, you can film yourself with the webcam, which provides a greater sense of proximity, while at the same time allowing you to share video from additional devices. For example, it could be from a smartphone where you film your handwritten calculations on a piece of paper.

The following guide describes an asynchronous video recording. But it can also be used for synchronous teaching where the students follow the teaching live. Before you start, be sure to download the Zoom app for either Android or iOS on your smartphone and/or tablet.

  1. Go to the website aarhusuniversity.zoom.us and start a meeting on your computer.

  2. Open Zoom Meetings and Join with computer audio.

  3. You can now see yourself on the computer screen and adjust your camera. You may need to adjust camera and microphone input in the lower-left corner if you are using, for example, external webcam or microphone/headset.

  4. Find your smartphone og launch the Zoom app. Press the blue button to Join a Meeting.

  5. You can find your Meeting ID in the upper left corner of your Zoom meeting on your computer.

  6. Enter the ID on your smartphone. Make sure you have enabled Don’t Connect To Audio before pressing Join Meeting.

  7. Now, you can view a preview of your video input. Simply proceed to the meeting room by pressing the blue button Join with Video.

  8. Once you enter the meeting room, the first thing you need to do is change camera in the upper left corner so that you are using the front-facing camera. 

  9. Position your smartphone so that it is facing what you like to record.
    Photo: Gerth Stølting BrodalVideo: Randi Groslier Bjælde and Ole Eggers Bjælde
    For example, you can attach your phone with a rubber band to your desk lamp or to a shelf under something heavy to hold it in place.

    TIP: Turn down the brightness of your smartphone, as it can get very hot, and connect the power supply if there is a plug nearby.

  10. In the meeting room of your computer, you now have to decide whether to record the image side by side as Gallery view:

    Or if you only want to focus on one video input at a time with Speaker view.

    If you are recording with Speaker view, you need to manually select which video input you want to record. To do this, right-click the desired input and select Pin Video. Remember to change the input each time you wish to change the screen focus.

    (If you have multiple devices connected/more participants in the meeting room, the menu will look slightly different.)
  11. You can now start your video presentation by clicking Record.

    Recordings can be paused and resumed, and you can make multiple recordings in one meeting room. When you leave the meeting room at the end, your videos will be stored separately on your computer and ready to be uploaded to Blackboard.


The newsletter was edited by Nina Adolfsen. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact nva@stll.au.dk.


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