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Educational IT at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Technical Sciences

We develop new formats for IT supported learning by utilising the potentials of technology in small-class teaching, online, at lectures, and in laboratory exercises.

About the initiative

Aarhus University aims to make the latest technology available for educators and students. We want to ensure that we are a modern university that sets international standards. And we want to prepare our students and educators for the digital transition. The ambition is to use IT for the development of teaching and learning.

Educational IT is a concept of information and communications technology (ICT) in teaching. It is defined as:

... a concept that consists partly of a technological platform and partly of continuous upgrading of educators' and the students' skills. (Aarhus University, 2011; p. 64)

The concept is related to educational technology, e-learning, and ICT supported learning. The common denominator of these concepts is technology that is integrated in teaching to provide new opportunities, enhance the quality, and solve practical challenges. The concept involves some general activities: 

  • The implementation and further development of the current learning managing system, Blackboard.
  • Further education of educators and development of the teaching.
  • Upgrading students' skills.

The 5 focus areas at Nat-Tech

  1. to ensure better preparation before the physical meeting (for small-class teaching, lectures, laboratory exercises and theoretical exercises)
  2. to provide more and better feedback
  3. to ensure a progression of student independence throughout their education
  4. to develop students' ability to collaborate and their ability to reflect on certain matters
  5. to give the educators a better insight into the students' learning outcomes and academic level so that teaching can be better targeted to their needs.

Videos about the educational IT vision

Educational IT can be used to develop both the form of teaching and students' skills. Media Lab has produced some future vision videos that illustrates how educational IT can be used to support different aspects of a Nat-Tech student's learning. Below you can watch a day in Victor's and Emma's life:

Produced by Media Lab, 2015.

Produced by Media Lab, 2012.