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Efficient Learning Design and Analytics

In connection with the educational IT initiative at Aarhus University, a special systematic approach for teaching development is being developed. It is called learning design. Learning design is a tool for educators in connection with their development of teaching. It is a method of sharing practices with other universities.

About the project

In continuation of the STREAM learning design project for systematic and effective development of STEM teaching through educational IT (read more about STREAM here), a project has been initiated to further clarify appropriate indicators, measure quality, effort, and benefits in teaching based on the concept of Learning Design in Practice. 

The concept takes into account three perspectives of development of education: students' input and return, educators' input and return, and institutional input and return.

The primary objectives are to provide educators with better insight into the learning of their students and other benefits of their teaching so as to better adjust to the students' knowledge level and knowledge needs,   and to gather know-how and documentation on the organization of effective teaching for the benefit of other educators at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

Here are some of the recommended learning design models for the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Technical Sciences:

  • Flipped Classroom (FC) for active learning in and out-of-class
  • The STREAM model for efficient active learning in and out-of-class​ with increased feedback
  • Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) and Peer Instruction (PI) for more feedback and peer learning
  • Case-based learning for developing students' knowledge and skills relevant to their future professional practice
  • The 5-stage model for online, collaborative learning and socialisation
  • Structured discussions for online, collaborative learning
Visualisation of the concept


  • Data for educators.
  • Effective learning designs for inspiration.
  • A Blackboard building block that provides educators with a continuous and simple insight into their students' online activity and academic achievements.

Time frame

The project will run in 2018.

Do you want to learn more about Learning Design? Contact:

Mikkel Godsk

Educational developer, Media Lab supervisor