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Streamlining and improvement of laboratory teaching with educational IT

ST Learning Lab is building a bank of ideas with concrete suggestions on how to integrate educational IT into your laboratory teaching.

About the project

We will create a bank of ideas with concrete suggestions to:

  1. how educational IT can be used in and support laboratory teaching as it is now.
  2. how educational IT can allow new opportunities for learning in laboratory teaching.

Examples of laboratory teaching at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Technical Sciences will be gathered in a bank of ideas, which can be used for ongoing development and knowledge sharing. Focus will be on teaching of first and second year students.

Systematic observation will be initiated using an observation form. The form can be used by ST Learning Lab's employees in collaboration with the institutes. The form can also be used for collegial cooperation in which observations are used as the basis for collegial supervision or professional back-and-forth.

Furthermore, data will be collected on how Blackboard and other digital materials are used at the institutes in connection with laboratory teaching. Based on this, a number of concrete proposals will be prepared:

  1. how Blackboard can be used to support the kind of teaching that takes place now.
  2. how Blackboard and other digital teaching materials can create new opportunities in the laboratory experience.

Examples and suggestions are gathered in a bank of ideas and made available to all educators from the website of ST Learning Lab.

Time frame

The project runs from February 2018 and is expected to be completed in June 2018.

  • Preparation of observation guide (February).
  • Observation of laboratory teaching at least five institutes (February-May).
  • Description of cases (February-May).
  • Development and description of educational IT solutions for the specific cases (May-June).
  • Preparation of a bank of ideas (May-June).


  • Guidelines for collegial observations of laboratory teaching.
  • Case descriptions of laboratory teaching at Nat-Tech.
  • A bank of ideas with examples of how online tools can support laboratory teaching.

Would you like to participate in or hear more about the projekt? Contact: