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Streamlining and improvement of lectures with observation

ST Learning Lab is working on modernising the lecturing practices at Science and Technology.

About the project

Through observations of lectures at all departments at Science and Technology (formerly), this project aims to find strengths and potentials as well as points for improvement in the current lecturing practises.

The scope of the project is manifold:

  • to give direct feedback to observed lecturers.
  • to collect evidence of exceptional lecturing to share among lecturers
  • to identify new opportunities in using, for example, educational technology in lecturing.

Time frame

The project will run in 2018 and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.


The project will result in:

  • an online ressource with concrete tips and tricks to use in lectures
  • an observation guide to use in collegial supervision at ST
  • evidence ready to share in workshops, courses, teaching material, and meetings locally and externally.

Would you like to participate in or hear more about the projekt? Contact:

Ole Eggers Bjælde

Educational Developer, PhD in Astrophysics