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Media Lab

Media Lab offers specialised services in relation to educational IT. We develop digital teaching materials, lend equipment, guide you, and help you getting started.

Development of digital teaching materials

Production of webcasts in our own studios

Video recording of lectures (so-called 'lecture capturing')

Development of learning paths and learning modules in Blackboard

Making demonstration and instruction videos

Support for transformation of teaching using STREAM

Development of other forms of video, audio, and interactive materials for teaching purposes

Development of 360 videos and virtual reality

Guidance on equipment and software (do-it-yourself)

Issuing clickers and instructions on using Mentimeter ("AU Vote")

Lending video and audio equipment

Lending tablets for i.a. doing tabletcasts

Lending smartpens for the making of pencasts (no longer supported)

Guidance on screencast software

Help for using Adobe Connect

Help for using PeerWise

Advanced science communication

Developing multimedia and the like for museums

Making recruitment and promotion videos

Video reports and live streaming of events