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Inspiration for your teaching

On this page, you can find video productions by Media Lab and an overview of our loan materials. We hope it will provide you with some inspiration for how to integrate technology into your teaching.

We only lend equipment for use in or as part of teaching at the Faculty of Technical Sciences and the Faculty of Natural Sciences. We do not lend for commercial purposes or for Bachelor's og Master's degree students.

Do you need help or advice?

Would you like to have one or more videos produced? Need help with how to use specific equipment? Not sure which equipment suits your needs? Is there any equipment you need and cannot find in the overview? Or do you have ideas for teaching activities you are unsure how to realise with technology? Contact us.

Video productions

Media Lab's 10-year anniversary

Clips from the different types of productions we have made in the recent years.

ST-Study Strategies - Note-taking

Interviews recorded for use in a teaching module on study strategies.

Uptale demo: Biomass-fired CHP plant

360° photos collected in an online space that you can navigate. This example is not 360° and interactive, but it will be in Uptale.

Peter Dalsgaard - Creativity and Computers

Multiple-angle lecture recording from the AU Digital Innovation Festival 2019.

Media Lab works with different video styles, for example, promotion videos, educational videos, professional lecture recordings, and recruiting videos. We even do live streaming of events.  All our videos are uploaded to and shared via our Vimeo account, which is a more professional and practical alternative to YouTube. Here you can view more videos on our Vimeo account. Here you can read our terms of business in Danish.

Digital tools

In these videos, you can find digital tools to use in your teaching. You can learn more about: lecture capturing, clickers, Adobe Connect, pencasts, and PeerWise. Use the arrows to navigate the videos.

Webcast studios

Here you can view images from our Webcast studios. You can read more about webcasts here.

360° equipment

In this video, the head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy Ulrik Ingerslev Uggerhøj and Ole Eggers Bjælde are on a visit to CERN. Recorded with one of our Samsung cameras.

In the photo carousel, you can view a selection of the 360° equipment you can borrow. To enlarge, right-click and open in a new tab. Photos: Daniel Hvid.

Media Lab has a wide range of 360° equipment you can borrow. We lend 360° cameras, 180° cameras, and 3D cameras that can record in 2K, 4K, and 5.7K. In addition, we also have virtual reality headsets. During our office hours or by appointment, you can test your recordings in VR with our Oculus Go or Oculus Quest. 

360° videos can give students access to difficult to access, remote, dangerous, expensive, or restricted areas. Bring a camera the next time you are going on a trip or doing fieldwork.


Below the ice in a fjord filmed in Greenland with a GoPro with a waterproof cover by associate professor Lars Chresten Lund-Hansen.

In the photo carousel, you can see a selection of our cameras. To enlarge, right-click and open in a new tab. Photos: Daniel Hvid.

We have a selection of different cameras that are easy to operate and record videos in excellent quality.

Our Sony action camera and GoPro Hero can endure a lot and are perfect on the go. Use the handheld Panasonic cameras to record workshops, interviews, or smaller lectures.

You can borrow tripods as needed.


Put a smartphone or tablet on the small Swivl robot, and it will ensure you are always in focus by following you around the room while recording video. Here you can read more about our Swivl.

Our Swivl includes a transmitter with a built-in microphone that ensures the robot knows where to focus. The kit also has a lens you can put on your device.

Smartphone kit

This demonstration video features one of our lab agents. Subtitles are added in Vimeo and can be turned on and off.

The kit helps to improve the light, audio, and angles of your smartphone or tablet recordings. Use it for quick feedback videos at home, during fieldwork, in the laboratory, in front of a whiteboard, or for demonstration videos.

Audio recording

In the photo carousel, you can view some of our Zoom audio recorders. To enlarge, right-click and open in a new tab. Photo: Daniel Hvid.

If you need to record audio for podcasts, interviews, on-the-spot reporting, or oral feedback, a portable audio recorder is easy to bring on the go.

Our Zoom H1 is Zoom's smallest handheld recorder and is simple to operate. The Zoom H2 can record in multiple channels as well as spatial audio, which provides a sense of space in 360° footage. Our Zoom H6 is the most advanced audio recorder to which you connect four microphones.

Lapel microphones

In the photo carousel, you can view our lapel microphones. To enlarge, right-click and open in a new tab. Photo: Daniel Hvid.

Lapel microphones are discreet and practical microphones that provide excellent audio.

A microport is a lapel microphone that is connected with a transmitter. The signal is sent to the paired receiver, which can be coupled with, e.g., a camera, Dictaphone, or other types of audio recorders. We recommend you use our microports when borrowing our handheld Panasonic cameras and other camera equipment, if you wish to record audio from individuals.

We also have loose lapel microphones called Rode smartLav+ that can be connected with various devices such as tablets, smartphones, or computers. Optimal for screen capture recordings, audio recording, or podcasts.

Conference microphones

The conference microphone in the photo is a Jabra Speak. Photo: Daniel Hvid.

Hands-free microphone primarily for video calls, which you can connect to your computer via a USB cable. With it, both you and your colleagues can talk from the same device to a group or person at the opposite end of the call. Significantly better sound than if you use the built-in microphone in your device. Recommended for a larger assembly in one room.

It can also be used for screen capture recordings with two or more speakers.

Camtasia licenses

In the first screen capture, you can see the main menu of Camtasia. in the second capture, you can find the menu in which you select which tracks you want to record.

We lend licenses to Camtasia for both Windows and Mac, which can record video of what is happening on your computer screen while you are recording audio. The program also has an editing menu where you can edit your screen captures or import and edit videos from your computer.

Use it, for example, for tutorials on specific software, PowerPoint presentations, quick feedback on assignments or to run through small portions of the curriculum, equations, and the like. The programme is especially suitable for explanations that are difficult to describe through text.

We also have webcams that you can borrow if your external computer monitor does not have a built-in camera. We recommend you borrow a lapel microphone for your recordings.


Photo: Daniel Hvid.

If you want to record an educational video and need help remembering the content, you can borrow a teleprompter. The teleprompter works with a tablet, which you can also borrow from Media Lab, or you can use your own.

The advantage of a teleprompter is that you can place a camera directly behind the text you are reciting from, so you always have your eyes directly pointed at the lens.

The associated app is Dv prompts and is available on both Google Play and Apple's App Store.


Photo: Daniel Hvid.

Having trouble hearing everyone in the lecture theatre during discussions? Our Catchbox is a soft cube with a wireless microphone inside. Instead of rushing between rows with a microphone, the Catchbox can be thrown at the audience without the risk of breaking it – however, beware of the coffee cups!

Transcription pedal

Photo: Daniel Hvid.

A pedal that makes it quick and easy to transcribe videos or audio recordings. The foot pedal has three buttons that you can use instead of keyboard shortcuts. You decide which commands that suit your needs.

Tablet class kit

Photo: Daniel Hvid.

If you have a teaching activity where you need a larger amount of tablets, we lend this as well. We have 24 Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets that you can borrow as a combined kit.