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Inspiration for your teaching

On this page you can find photos and videos from our work in Media Lab.

Webcast studios

Here you can see pictures from our webcast studios. You can also read more about webcasts here.

Photo from the studio.
Photo from the studio.
Photo from the studio.
From a webcast recorded in a studio.
From a webcast recorded in a studio.
From a webcast recorded in a studio.

Videos about tools to use in teaching

Below, you will find tools to use in your teaching. You can learn more about: lecture capturing, clickers, Adobe Connect, pencasts, and PeerWise. Media Lab and STLL can help you getting started with these.  

Click on the arrows to navigate between the videos. Click the Vimeo logo in the lower right-hand corner to view it on vimeo.com

Recruitment and promotion videos

Media Lab also create creative video formats in connection with, for example, recruitment and promotion videos, video reports, and streaming of events.

Below you can watch a recruitment video made by Media Lab for the Department of Bioscience which was shared on their Facebook page.

Produced by Media Lab, 2017.

Videos about educational IT

Media Lab have produced videos that illustrate how educational IT can be used to support various aspects of an ST student's work and learning. Below you can watch a day in Victor's and Emma's life:

Produced by Media Lab, 2015.

Produced by Media Lab, 2012.

Virtual reality and interactive 360° videos

Media Lab have produced several 360° videos with interactive elements. You can read more about our 360° project here, and below you can find an example of a type of 360° video that you can record yourself simply and easily with equipment from Media Lab .

360° presentation of our webcast studio at Navitas

PowerPoint presentation kit

At Media Lab, you can borrow different kits with tools for use in your teaching. For example, you can borrow our PowerPoint presentation kit, which enables you to easily present PowerPoints in an advanced video format.