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Clicker tips 'n' tricks

Hide Results from the students | You might want to turn off Mirror displays (in Systems Preferences/Displays/Arrangement, uncheck the box that says Mirror Displays, or watch this video tutorial) so that what is shown on your computer monitor is different than what students see on the slide. That way, you can keep the bar graph with the results open on your screen while the students enter their poll. When you want students to see the results, simply drag the Results window onto the projected slide. Keeping the bar graph open on your screen but hidden from the students has two advantages:

  • Because the bar graph updates rapidly, you will see the trends of students responses in real time. This helps to organize the following discussion with students about their answers.
  • When hiding the bar graph from the students before asking them to vote again (e.g. after doing peer discussion), students will not be influenced by the results of the first vote and the second vote will truly reflect the benefits of peer discussion.

Put yourself in the position of a student for a minute | Learn how clickers work and share this information with your students. It could save them and you future frustrations.

Don’t forget the USB hub! | If you use a presentation remote, notice you may need a USB hub to plug in your remote and the receiver at the same time to your computer.

Make sure you get all the clickers back! | In order to minimize students’ loss of clickers, we recommend one or both of the following: