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[Mac] - How to get started

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get setup with clickers for your course

1. Download software

  1. Go to this page, click on the TurningPoint AnyWhere tab, and select Mac-No install from the sub-menu that just appeared.
  2. On the new page, fill in the Software Downloads Registration form and click on Submit.
  3. On the new page (Software Downloads Registration Confirmation page), click on the Download icon to download TurningPoint AnyWhere. (Shortly hereafter you will recieve en e-mail from Turning Technologies, this can be ignored).
  4. A package containing the application (.dmg file) should be downloaded to your computer.
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2. Install software

  1. Double click on the .dmg TurningPoint package in your Downloads folder and follow the simple instructions for installation.
  2. Look for the TurningPoint AnyWhere application in the Applications folder.
  3. Optional: Create a subfolder in Applications to store the TurningPoint AnyWhere.app and copy the User Guide.pdf from the installation folder to your newly created folder for future reference.
  4. Optional: Place the icon of the TurningPoint AnyWhere application in the dock of your Mac (installation does not automatically do it).
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3. Entering questions

  1. Open the TurningPoint AnyWhere application.
    The following windows will open:
  2. To enter a question, click Question Lists (below Create and Manage) in the Launchpad window, then click the "New question list" link that just appeared.
  3. In the new window, enter your question where it says "Enter question here..."
  4. Enter each possible answer in the Multiple Choice field below. To add a new field for a new possible answer, click on the + sign at the bottom, right below the Question/Multiple choice field panel.
    Optional: Consider adding values to your answers (Correct/Incorrect), this will make the software able to show the correct answer later on (and make it easy for you to distinguish).
  5. Go back to the black showbar window. Notice that your question is now displayed in the drop down menu of the black showbar (the smallest of the windows).
  6. Keep entering all your questions for that list (e.g., all the questions for one lecture) by clicking on the + sign in the bottom left. Notice you can enter other types of questions than Multiple Choice Questions
  7. Quit the TurningPoint AnyWhere application and save your question list when being prompted to do so.

More informations and visuals can be found here; video tutorials can be found here and here.

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4. Poll students

  1. Plug in the USB receiver into your computer.

  2. Open the TurningPoint AnyWhere application. Notice that the frequency of your receiver is now displayed in green. The default is 41. This channel should not be changed, as all clickers should be using this channel - making students change channel on their clicker will cause them not to function in other classes.
  3. Open your question list by clicking on Question Lists, then Open question list, and choose the corresponding file. Your question list appears now in the black showbar as after step 4.7.
  4. Click on the Play sign in the black showbar. The poll is now started. A window appears with the question that you may want to use or not (e.g. depending on whether you have displayed this question already on a Microsoft PowerPoint slide). If you prefer to hide that window, click on the icon that says “Show or hide presentation window” in the yellow box when you hover over it with your mouse (only the display of the question will disappear, the black showbar will float over whatever other window from any application you use to display your question).

  5. As students cast their votes using their clickers, the number of responses (top right in green) will go up. When you decide to stop collecting votes for that question, click on the Stop sign. The total number of responses is now shown in white on the top right of the black showbar. A new window appears with the results of the vote.

  6. Close the Results window (or drag it back to your computer screen, see section “Tips and tricks” in the menu) and move on to the next question. The next question should be automatically selected in the drop down menu of the black showbar, so to start the poll, simply click on the Start sign. When you click Stop, the Results for the second question come up.

  7. To compare the results of questions 2 (“Will you be using clickers in the future?) to the results of question 1 (“Have you used clickers before?”), select question 1 from the drop down menu that says Compare with question. The bar graph now displays side-by-side the results from question 1 in blue and that from question 2 in red.

  8. Please try this a couple of times on your own and do not be afraid to play around with the showbar (black control panel) options, the more comfortable you are with the software, the more are your students going to appreciate the experience.
  9. For more advanced instructions, visit this page.
    You may also want to consider registering for online training for TurningPoint AnyWhere users.
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