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Mentimeter/AU VOTE

Mentimeter/AU VOTE is a so-called student response system (SRS) that, among other things, can be used to ask students questions during class or as a presentation tool like, for example, PowerPoint.

Getting direct response when teaching allows for more student involvement – both at lectures and small class teaching. With Mentimeter it is also possible to do, for example, questionnaires in between classes.

With their smartphone, tablet, or computer, students can answer questions, participate in polls, or write comments, depending on what you want to know. Answers are shared and presented instantly with well-arranged graphics. You can, among other things, prepare multiple-choice questions, word clouds, matrices, quizzes, and more.

Mentimeter can be embedded in Blackboard, and you can even customize the theme and template to streamline your design.

It only takes 5 minutes to get started

  1. Register on the website www.mentimeter.com/join/aarhus with your AUID (au123456).
    Screencap: Sign-up form
    (Find your AUID at mit.au.dk)

  2. Check your inbox to approve the confirmation email.

  3. To complete your registration, enter an optional password as well as your first name and surname.
    Screencap: Indicate password, first name and surname

  4. Next time your visit www.mentimeter.com, sign in with your email address (au123456@uni.au.dk) and password.

  5. Various instructions for using Mentimeter can be found by clicking the Help menu and Support.
    Screencap: Where to find help