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Examples of multiple-choice questions

Below are examples of how multiple-choice questions can test more than factual knowledge. The questions shown are uploaded in PeerWise, but these types of questions could be used in Blackboard as well. PeerWise allows course participants (in this case from the Teacher training programme at Aarhus University) to create multiple-choice questions and to provide feedback to the questions.  

1. Reverse questions

In plant physiology the student should know that aphids suck the phloem sap of plants. But what happens if the aphid punctures the wrong tissue? 

PeerWise question

2. Plausible alternative answers

Giving plausible alternative answers can be difficult. Here the alternative answers occur in other species. This question started a dialogue in PeerWise between the author author of the question and one of the students. 

PeerWise question

3. Interpreting figures

Can the student interpret a figure correct? Here the multiple-choice question is not a recall question, but the student needs to analyse the figure.

PeerWise question