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Example: Cloud Computing and Architecture

Faculty: Science and Technology (formerly)
Department: Department of Computer Science
Course: Cloud Computing and Architecture
Place: Master's Degree Programme in Computer Science
Number of students: 60-130
Course responsible: Henrik Bærbak Christensen

Practical experience with design and implementation of software architecture and cloud computing are obtained through an agile process where student continuously improve a software system through multiple hand-ins and instant feedback.

Assessment method
Final Assessment
Continuous assessment

Percentage of grade

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After the course

During the course


Practical defense of the grade from the continuous assessment.

Group programming project which is iteratively developed into a massive, multi-user, online exploration game.


To make sure students qualify for the group grade from the continuous assessment.

As this is a very skills-oriented course, students need to practice programming skills (design, implement, deploy, evaluate, test) and applying knowledge in an authentic setup. In addition, continuous assessment avoids basing the grade on one performance only. 


Solving practical exercise on top of their code from the group programming project.

At the start of the course, students are given high quality source code, which they gradually extend and improve. There are no set deadlines, except for a final deadline. The project is divided into a number of exercises/milestones which are handed in and graded by course teachers. Each exercise can be resubmitted once and feedback is given within 24h on weekdays. Grades/feedback is manual or automatic depending on the exercise.


Teaching activities

Students practice skills and talk about the project and code in weekly coding labs and homework clubs.


Students have in general performed really well in this course. Anyone who has invested time and effort has passed.

The total amount of feedback given per student is about 1.2 hours or 2.5 hours per group.