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Example: Long answer

Students write explanation/interpretations/essays, where there is no restriction on the amount of text.

This is useful when explanations become very complex and will often require a substantial amount of grading time.

Examples from AU

BSS: Organisational Behaviour

Faculty: Aarhus BSS
Department: Department of Management
Course: Organisational Behaviour
Place: 1st semester
Course responsible: Anne Bøllingtoft

6-hours on-site exam with access to all materials (including computer).

The assignment starts with a short description of the company Yahoo copied from their website.  In the assignment appendices one can learn that the company has had some management problems, which are the subject of this assignment. There are four questions asking the student to explain and analyse the problem from different perspectives with the use of both the course content and the assignment appendices. The students’ paper must not exceed 10 pages.