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Problem solving

Traditionally an on-site exam type where students solve problems, involving calculations.

Problems are typically mathematical problems and/or involve data and equations. Often this is combined with explanations of the calculated numbers. Similarly, problem solving can be combined with an explanation of how the calculated number was reached and/or derivations of the used equations.

This is a useful type of assessment to test calculation skills.

Examples from AU

BSS: Business Statistics

Faculty: Aarhus BSS
Department: Department of Economics and Business Economics
Course: Business Statistics
Place: 1st semester
Course responsible: Steen Andersen

3-hours on-site exam with access to all materials except computer. 

The assignment consists of a limited number of calculation tasks formulated as small realistic cases. For each task, the emphasis is on the student’s ability to discuss the premises of the calculation and to comment on the conclusions reached. It is indicated how much each case is weighted in the marking.